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Bridal Pearl Jewelry

Every woman dreams about her wedding. Everything from the dress, hair, make-up to the man she will marry are details that have been thought about since childhood. While there are many types of weddings and bridal styles - one thing is for certain; every woman wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day.

At Seven Seas Pearls, we specialize in helping brides select the perfect pearl jewelry piece that fits the style of the wedding, the bride’s personality, and compliments the dress. Traditionally, brides choose traditional Akoya Pearls to complement their gown on their wedding day. Akoya Pearls are what most would consider a “classic strand of pearls”. The most common colors of Akoya Pearls are white, ivory. The more exotic colors are gray, silver, blue and blue green. As with all pearls, each of these main color categories has overtones that give them a unique and gorgeous color combination.

Other brides who want a piece of jewelry that makes more of a statement tend to lean more towards the gorgeous colors and fall in love with the large sizes of South Sea Pearls. South Sea Pearls are much larger than Akoya Pearls and make more of a dramatic and elegant compliment to wedding gowns. South Sea Pearls come in a wide variety of colors from bright white, cream, silver, blue, champagne to a gorgeous deep golden color. The more exotic shades of South Sea Pearls are light pistachio and blue pistachio. For brides looking for a soft touch of color - South Sea Pearls are the perfect fit.

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